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Sunday, May 8, 2011


So I'm sure you've noticed I stopped blogging.  My logic went something like this: Why blog about the same old food that I'm eating all the time, when in just a few months I'm going to be eating food IN EUROPE?  I mean, won't that food be way more interesting?  Not that I'll be able to blog everyday, but I think I'd rather blog about the cool kick-ass crazy Europe food than a couple of cheeseburgers from McDonalds.  Everyone okay with that?  Okay, good.  Talk to you in Europe :P

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 55

Today, being a Thursday I really didn't eat that much, I just had a mango smoothie (the best) at school and then had bread and soup when I got to work, really uneventful day at work lol.

Day 54

I know I haven't blogged for a while, but I have been keeping track of my food, just not online, so I thought this would be a good chance to catch up.

I met up with my usual rough crowd at the school cafeteria and proceeded to take part in a scrumptious soft shelled taco with olives, beef, lettuce and cheese.  It was good. 

I also ended up having a subway club (half) and it was good, along with some water, nice and healthy.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 53

Yeah, Nate wasn't very happy with me today because I decided to do math homework instead of working out :(  Everything's a bit crazy, so I have to really focus so I graduate.  Anyway, I ended up meeting my Math Buddy for lunch and had a small soft shelled taco.  I've still been feeling sickly but nothing compared to yesterday.  After classes Le Le and I hung out and got hungry so we went to Dirk's and shared a plate of fettuccine Alfredo, which was delicious, along with some spicy chicken wings, which were extremely spicy.  We also shared a MASSIVE piece of German Chocolate cake, seriously, the thing was life-size, but delicious.  I think we both felt sick afterwards, and we even had Jules to top things off.  Anyway, after that I pretty much didn't need anymore food.

Day 52

Today I really hardly ate anything, it was a really busy day.  I actually was feeling rather sick and Jules has been feeling the same lately so we stopped at the local burger joint and got a cheeseburger, and then I ate about ten cough drops.  It was pretty laid back :P

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 51

Today was especially fun.  You will be proud of me - mostly. :P

Nate and I got up to work out. He made an interesting shake with lots of fruit and some protein and it wasn't so bad. Then we went to the gym and I ran for about twenty minutes, and burned 91 calories.  It felt like more. I also did some weight lifting, and my arms are already sore so I think I did a pretty good job. :P

We decided to go up north to buy our bikes for our trip (which we actually couldn't find ones in our price-range) so we ended up stopping at a sushi place for dinner.  I love sushi, and it is nice and Japanese and healthy for you.  I had six amazing pieces of sushi and some gyoza (japanese pot stickers). They are very delicious.

There are several different types of sushi.  Normal sushi is a rectangle of rice with raw fish placed on top, like these (not the round ones):

There are also rolls with sushi in the center, surrounded by rice and then wrapped in seaweed.  These are particularly delicious. If you are first timer, definitely get a sushi roll.  My particular favorite is the California roll, although we had a Vegas roll last night and it was amazing. 

To top off our eating fest, I broke down and had the most amazing dessert. It was made with hazelnut cream in the center, surrounded by chocolate mousse, covered by a shell of chocolate, drizzled with chocolate, vanilla and raspberry topping.  I very much wanted more.  It looked something like this:

It is called a pyramid noisette. *sigh* It was beyond words delicious.  We got it at Shoga's and the prices weren't bad, so if you ever feel like sushi and the best chocolate ever, you should come try some.  And that is how my day went, I'm pretty sure my chocolate goodness completely ruined my workout :S  (but it was worth it)

Day 50

So, Nate and I decided that we need to be more healthy, especially since we are planning on cycling through Europe.  Today we took a very long walk up to temple hill.  I hadn't eaten anything, so by the time we got home we decided to make soft tacos with steak, which were very good and pretty healthy.  They had cheese, steak, sour cream, salsa and lettuce, yummy :P  Unfortunately we went to visit friends and I ate two of their mint cookies and part of a mint brownie.  They were also yummy :P