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Sunday, May 8, 2011


So I'm sure you've noticed I stopped blogging.  My logic went something like this: Why blog about the same old food that I'm eating all the time, when in just a few months I'm going to be eating food IN EUROPE?  I mean, won't that food be way more interesting?  Not that I'll be able to blog everyday, but I think I'd rather blog about the cool kick-ass crazy Europe food than a couple of cheeseburgers from McDonalds.  Everyone okay with that?  Okay, good.  Talk to you in Europe :P

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 55

Today, being a Thursday I really didn't eat that much, I just had a mango smoothie (the best) at school and then had bread and soup when I got to work, really uneventful day at work lol.

Day 54

I know I haven't blogged for a while, but I have been keeping track of my food, just not online, so I thought this would be a good chance to catch up.

I met up with my usual rough crowd at the school cafeteria and proceeded to take part in a scrumptious soft shelled taco with olives, beef, lettuce and cheese.  It was good. 

I also ended up having a subway club (half) and it was good, along with some water, nice and healthy.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 53

Yeah, Nate wasn't very happy with me today because I decided to do math homework instead of working out :(  Everything's a bit crazy, so I have to really focus so I graduate.  Anyway, I ended up meeting my Math Buddy for lunch and had a small soft shelled taco.  I've still been feeling sickly but nothing compared to yesterday.  After classes Le Le and I hung out and got hungry so we went to Dirk's and shared a plate of fettuccine Alfredo, which was delicious, along with some spicy chicken wings, which were extremely spicy.  We also shared a MASSIVE piece of German Chocolate cake, seriously, the thing was life-size, but delicious.  I think we both felt sick afterwards, and we even had Jules to top things off.  Anyway, after that I pretty much didn't need anymore food.

Day 52

Today I really hardly ate anything, it was a really busy day.  I actually was feeling rather sick and Jules has been feeling the same lately so we stopped at the local burger joint and got a cheeseburger, and then I ate about ten cough drops.  It was pretty laid back :P

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 51

Today was especially fun.  You will be proud of me - mostly. :P

Nate and I got up to work out. He made an interesting shake with lots of fruit and some protein and it wasn't so bad. Then we went to the gym and I ran for about twenty minutes, and burned 91 calories.  It felt like more. I also did some weight lifting, and my arms are already sore so I think I did a pretty good job. :P

We decided to go up north to buy our bikes for our trip (which we actually couldn't find ones in our price-range) so we ended up stopping at a sushi place for dinner.  I love sushi, and it is nice and Japanese and healthy for you.  I had six amazing pieces of sushi and some gyoza (japanese pot stickers). They are very delicious.

There are several different types of sushi.  Normal sushi is a rectangle of rice with raw fish placed on top, like these (not the round ones):

There are also rolls with sushi in the center, surrounded by rice and then wrapped in seaweed.  These are particularly delicious. If you are first timer, definitely get a sushi roll.  My particular favorite is the California roll, although we had a Vegas roll last night and it was amazing. 

To top off our eating fest, I broke down and had the most amazing dessert. It was made with hazelnut cream in the center, surrounded by chocolate mousse, covered by a shell of chocolate, drizzled with chocolate, vanilla and raspberry topping.  I very much wanted more.  It looked something like this:

It is called a pyramid noisette. *sigh* It was beyond words delicious.  We got it at Shoga's and the prices weren't bad, so if you ever feel like sushi and the best chocolate ever, you should come try some.  And that is how my day went, I'm pretty sure my chocolate goodness completely ruined my workout :S  (but it was worth it)

Day 50

So, Nate and I decided that we need to be more healthy, especially since we are planning on cycling through Europe.  Today we took a very long walk up to temple hill.  I hadn't eaten anything, so by the time we got home we decided to make soft tacos with steak, which were very good and pretty healthy.  They had cheese, steak, sour cream, salsa and lettuce, yummy :P  Unfortunately we went to visit friends and I ate two of their mint cookies and part of a mint brownie.  They were also yummy :P

Day 49

Today I really didn't eat very much, it was one of those wait-til-I-get-to-work days.  I couldn't decide what I wanted to eat, but someone ordered chicken nuggets, so that's what I decided to eat, along with fries.  It really wasn't the best of ideas, but it was okay. Greasy food really isn't very good for you though :S.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 48

So today was fun.  I had my lovely bowl of cereal (I know, amazing we still have milk huh?  I yelled at the family about it, so I think they've cut down a bit, I hope I'm not a control freak :S  ) after that I met up with two favorite sisters (Cox females if you don't know) and hung out with them for lunch while doing our math homework. I had a nice soft taco that included hamburger, lettuce, cheese and olives.  They only let me choose three toppings, but I'm not a big tomato eater, so it was fine. I also had a chocolate milk, which was super yummy.

My class (creative writing of course) distributed a piece of strawberry wafer cookie, which wasn't very good but was well devoured along with two chips ahoy cookies which were even more well devoured.

I got home and snuck (I know it's not a word, but you all know what it means) three pieces of fudge which were ama-za-zing.

Off to work where I devoured a flat iron steak with a salad and some green beans a long with two crossants.  All in all a very big eating day for me. :P

Day 47

So, today, after I had my lovely bit of raisin bran I found myself picking Jules up from school and searching for a hot fudge brownie sundae. Now apparently, people in Sanpete are ignorant and have no idea what these things are.  The name itself just doesn't give enough away to put two and two together.  I think it's the term "sundae" and "brownie" that they just don't understand.  For fear that I was going crazy because the two fast food restaurants in town gave me quizzical looks when I attempted to order said hot fudge brownie sundae I decided to google it to make sure it wasn't something I just dreamed up once. 

No I wasn't.  There are myriads of images like this that appeared.  Why doesn't Sanpete know what they are?  Also to note, you know something's wrong with your town when they've never heard of it....sad really.  the saddest thing is that since I couldn't find anywhere that served these I was forced to compromise. Luckily Randi gave me a couple mint candies in celebration of St. Patty's Death, which held me over until I could
find myself at the local candy shop, purchasing clover shaped fudge and minty goodness.  All in all, it hit the spot, though a hot fudge brownie sundae would have been nice. 

After that I went to work, realized I was completely starving and took it upon myself to create one of my favorite Panini sandwiches.  It was truly delicious. 

Followed closely by a small piece of prime rib (I had to scrape it off the side cause it was a little overcooked) and some green mashed potatoes we concocted in honor of the great Irish day

I kept thinking it was mint ice cream, so it was a bit of a downer.  Funny how looks affect everything, including poor mashed potatoes. Isn't it also funny that chocolate kinda looks like pooh now and than?  Anyway, happy Green day!  (not the band)

Day 46

So, now that we have some more food at home I have been able to enjoy my daily bowl of raisin bran.  It's healthy and delicious, and good for you too! :P  Yeah, I love my raisin bran.

Along with milk Nathan also purchased cheese, another staple in our home. After eating my lovely bowl of cereal and running off to class, other than a cute cookie my teacher gave me shaped like a little elf, I realized late at night that I was starving and decided to make myself a quick snack.

This involved a tortilla, cheese and a microwave.  30 seconds later my snack wasn't quite as fulfilling as I intended, so another 30 seconds later I had another one.  I should have given my stomach time to realize that it was in fact hungry, but unfortunately, I didn't care.
So I made two grilled cheese sandwiches and devoured them wholeheartedly.  It was a good night.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 45

Hanging out with friends really brings the worst out of my diet. 

Yesterday my little brother, Le Le and Tamirrah and Jules and her little friend Adelaide all went out for lunch.  It was really quite fun and involved a DELICIOUS chicken wrap from Miller's, ( I think I've been having miller's cravings lately) and a maple bar.  Yum! I love maple bars.  Jules finished off my chicken wrap for me and Nate finished my maple bar but I had enough to find great fulfillment in both.

Sadly, my fun didn't end there. After lunch we went home and did a lot of homework (which I was very grateful for) but then we decided to hang out and watch Brotherhood of the Wolf. Of course to watch a movie it's an inherent need to find munchies.  This is what I found at the local gas station:


and to wash it all down:

I'm surprised my tummy doesn't hurt.  But, I didn't actually finish any of the bags all by myself.  That's the point of everyone getting munchies.  Which means I also had some jalepino cheetos from Tamirrah and a handful of popcorn in my art class earlier this week. :P

Day 44

Today, after I picked up Jules from school we decided to wander yonder and found ourselves at Miller's, a little bakery that has some interesting food at it. Jules and I both made and order and I ended up with a very good soft taco that looked something (but not quite as good as) the picture above.  It was really yummy, and extremely feeling. I also had two bites of Juliah's donut which had a berry frosting and sprinkles.  It was also very yummy as well as nice too look at which I think is important when it comes to your food.  Lucky for me the taco was filling, I didn't have to eat anything else for the rest of the day :P

Day 43

    As I've mentioned, Sundays are our lazy days.  It's the only day of the week that I don't either have work or school and therefore we have a lot more time to do things or to do nothing at all which the case may be. This Sunday, Jules and I decided to watch Naruto, a Japanese Anime.  Naruto is an interesting main character who has an intense love for Ramen, so of course while watching episodes of it I found myself very hungry for Ramen noodles.  In Japanese culture their Ramen usually includes other foods such as eggs or sausage. I'm  not much of a fan of eggs, but I do like sausage, so when I made our ramen I cooked up some polish sausage first and then put it in the ramen.  Somehow my tummy didn't really like the mixture, and luckily I stopped while I was still ahead because it was really not very good.  Maybe it was the beef seasoning.  I'm not sure but it was kinda gross.  Let this be a lesson to you all:  ramen + sausage + beef seasoning = stomach ache. 
     After that I decided to eat something that my tummy wanted - the remainder of the girl scout thin mint cookies.  They were very good and I added a side of jelly beans. It was a pretty laid back food day :P

Day 42

Panini's are the best. I actually wait to eat on days I work, until I get to work because their food is sometimes good enough to starve for. In the case of the panini, it is also extremely filling. This explains why on this lovely saturday I only ate a panini and had pink lemonade with sprite (one of my favorite drinks).

Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 41

Today I had two pieces of left over pizza for breakfast and then waited to eat anything else til I went to work.  I enjoyed a steaming bowl of jambalaya and a piece of bread, both which were very good.  I think I kinda love food, when I decide to eat it anyway :P One of the girls at work was on a dessert making kick so she made a molten cake for me with ice cream and chocolate, it was pretty much amazing :P It looked beautiful too.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 40

Aw, Pizza.  It's been on the mind lately.  It's soooo yummy.  Plus, ever since we realized that the local Pizza Place delivers, I don't even have to get dressed to find something good and healthy to eat. I think my family are Milk and Bread monsters because those two foods are gone before I get a chance to even have a bite or drink of either one.  I actually have wondered if there is a compartment in the house where they hide both of these things from me the moment I bring them back from the grocery store.
"Here's the milk and bread, I'll go get the rest..."
"I think I'll have a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk...wait....where's all the milk? Gone?  How can it be gone (this is where I straighten my stance to look more intimidating) I just bought milk 10 minutes ago, it can't all be gone." Sure enough, the milk carton remains are in the garbage. The bread bag is sitting happily in the shelf, completely empty.  I've realized my family doesn't quite know what to do with the empty bread bag. "Maybe she'll need it for something else, like more bread or army men?  I don't know! I can't decide if I should throw it away or not.  I guess I'll just leave it there.  If they don't want it they can throw it out." And so it sits on the second shelf until I reach my hand up there searching for bread, grab it with joy and bliss long enough to realize it's empty and then feel ravenously angry over someone leaving the empty bag there.  I'm just not tall enough to see it most of the time!  Tsk.
Anyway, to avoid all that I just ordered Pizza.  Unfortunately, I was feeling really hungry from my previous lack of food so I found the first edible item in the house - girl scout cookies.  Just as a warning, this was a TERRIBLE idea.  I opened a package of Samoans and ate 3/4s of it by myself.  I think that's around 15 cookies. At first it was just fine, but I started getting a really weird dizzy headache and had to lay down and focus on breathing cause my head hurt so much.  That's when I called the Pizza guys.  Within about a half hour I found myself eating 1 piece of pizza, 5 breadsticks and guzzling Sunkist. Surprizingly, the headache disappeared.  I don't think I should eat very many more of those cookies.  Bless the Pizza People for delivering to starving families everywhere :P

Day 39

You may or may not have realized after so many deep and intimate food moments shared with me, that I am a coffee slut.  The very word "coffee" brings a sort of nostalgic feeling over me and an immediate rush to find and swallow coffee as quickly as possible.  I know for most people this is called "addiction" but I like to replace it with the word "taste".  I have coffee taste, not addiction, and here is the difference - I only drink coffee when I have to stay up all night to drive or study for a test, or when I am away on a trip.  Those are my rules with drinking coffee, and because of them I am kept on the lower end of the Coffee Lovers Anonymous Scale
1> Ick! (or Absolutely Disgusting)
2 >Not Absolutely Disgusting
3> I'll Try It Again To See If It Gets Better
4 >It's Okay
5> It's Just As Good As The Next Thing
6> Part of Me Wants Coffee
7> Do You Smell Coffee At Completely Random Moments That Have No Coffee In Them?
8>Yawn, It's Been A Half Hour, Isn't It Time For Some Sort of Coffee?
9>Its Been 5 Minutes, Isn't It Time For More Coffee?
10> MUST HAVE COFFEE BEAST IS ON THE LOOSE!(This is a very dangerous stage to deny coffee to)

I like to think of myself at a 6. I would be afraid, but I've been at the 6 for about 6 years now, so I'm not *too* worried I'll turn into a Coffee Beast.  Maybe if I got pregnant or something, which would suck cause you can't have coffee while pregnant, which means I definitely should never get pregnant again because I couldn't go without coffee for 9 wholes months and it would be absolutely miserable (ha ha) j/k I could survive a coffee-less 9 months cause my baby-hungry scale would kick in :

1 - Ick! Not ANOTHER Bloody Mess!
2 - Aw, Da Widdle Ding!  That Is the CUTEST Puppy! Oh, You Have A Kid?
3- Babies Are Okay As Long As I Don't Have To Touch One
4- It's Cute And All, But Why Did it Just Puke On Me?
5 - Babies Are Nice, But I Don't Think I'm Meant To Have One
6 - Aw, I Can't Wait To Have My Own Schnookums!
7- Oh, Look! Doesn't It Have The Cutest Hands? And Feet? And Ears? Oh And What Pretty Eyes! And...!
8-Would You Mind If I Just Ah, Wrap It Up Like This...And Take It Home?
9 - Must Have Baby Now! Are You Single? What Kind Of Genes Do You Have In Your Family?

That's the nice thing about mild addictions, they seem to cover for each other. You start getting addicted to buying things, usually that is followed up with being addicted to nice furniture. You are addicted to the outdoors?  Oh look, less hours at work!  Yay!

Anyway, just in case I didn't make it clear, I had an Iced Coffee with Vanilla at Burgerking for lunch/breakfast. It was a little strange because Le Le and I  had been discussing flirting skills and I realized mine were a little on the unpracticed end of things (aka as rusty, but I couldn't think of that cliche' in time) so I tried them out with the Burgerking guy and he was very responsive (though really gangly teenager looking, so it wasn't particularly a triumph) and suggested I try the Vanilla because it was his favorite and told me to tell him how he liked it and then smiled at me (wide, dorky grin) while I was talking to Le and Paul. It was kinda cute. Poor Burgerking employee.  But the coffee was good.

Paul had to go back to work so Le and I hung out watching a TERRIBLE movie - Girl With The Dragon Tatoo - which Nathan Fillion (AKA Castle) had said was a great book, but had a very disturbing rape scene, forcing us to watch multiple episodes of Scrubs until Paul got back and made us Spinach Pizza with mushrooms.  That's pretty healthy right?  Spinach and mushrooms?  You really can't do better than that :P  Way fun trip though.  Lots of book stores :P

Day 38

After feeling super sick the last few days, Le Le and I decided to recover by having our own mini vacation.  We decided to drive up to Logan and stay up there with her uncle Paul (who is truly awesome) and hang out in Logan Utah.  We were contemplating going to San Francisco, but the drive would have taken all of our vacation time.  This was the first trip that just the girls have taken (No Nate or Jules).  I felt a little guilty, but Nate was very happy with Dragon Age II and Jules had school so they were busy without us. 

What are two crazy reader girls to do when they have plenty of time and multiple book stores in between Point A and Point B? Hang out at Barnes and Noble of course!  And eat a Peppermint Mocha and pizza pretzel

. Much to my chagrin, my tummy was not prepared for a Pizza Pretzel, and Le Le had to assist me with finishing it :(

I did find the book I had been looking for for quite some time Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert.  If you love to read, travel and eat (three of my favorite things) you should attempt to find yourself within the confines of her first novel, the New York Bestseller Eat, Pray, Love. I'm pretty sure it was my favorite book of 2010, I laughed cried and changed my life because of it (also three of my favorite things to do, when I'm alone at least). Anyway, her second novel is a follow up to the first and goes into more detail about her second marriage to Felipe, something she was more or less forced to decide to do to help him get back into the US.  It's a really good read so far, and Liz is very entertaining.

After a terrible bit of snow in the dark, without my windshield wiper working, Le Le and I made it to Logan, but her uncle was at a friend's (it was around 7:00) so he directed us to a lovely eating joint called The Bluebird

Wherein I ate about a third of my Monteray Chicken.  On their menu it is described as "boneless chicken breast with shrimp, imitation crab meat, avocado, monterey cheese and hollandaise sauce" and was simply delicious. I couldn't eat most of it, maybe because I had already eaten a super yummy roll with butter they gave me and a couple bites of mashed potatoes and gravy.  They had really great food there.  If you are ever in town definitely stop by, they are also an old fashioned candy shop and have a lot of history connected to them.

After dinner, Paul (Le Le's uncle) directed us to Borders, which was having a closeout sale (what makes all book-nerd females shudder with joyous rapture internally? You're right > book sales). Off to Borders we wandered, and I think we actually walked the aisles for over an hour.  Sadly, I couldn't find any amazing book deals, but I did find Shakespeare In Love and Closer on Dvd. ( I know, you're jealous :P)

Not particularly an eventful food day, but definitely a day to go down in bookstore history :P (not really)

Day 37

Yeah, I really wasn't very hungry so I limited myself to three breadsticks today.  Being sick is not fun :P

Day 36

I think I got some sort of terrible food poisoning at our party last night.  I think Mexican doesn't agree with me :(  I actually called in work and survived off of broth from Ramen and a small amount of Fetticcine Alfredo (no chicken). I also had a couple carrot sticks, they were yummy.

Day 35

Aw Fridays are always fun.  We had a bit of a wild party night as a follow-up to Nate's birthday today and I really didn't eat very much.  In fact I think I was limited to mashed potatoes with gravy, bread and lots of chips in 7 layer dip.  It was really strangely good.  I just haven't been very hungry lately :P

Day 34

Having a Birthday Party always kinda requires a recovery afterwards.  Even if it's only ever dishes or cleaning the house it's always something to consider.  Luckily this day I ended up having most of my classes canceled and I was able to spend the majority of the day at home, except for going to work.

I usually don't eat a lot when I'm going to go to work because there is usually more for me to snack on, and other than breakfast which was raisin bran with milk I waited til I got to work.  In this case I had a lovely bowl of jumbalia soup

 it looked very much like this.  Jumbalaya is made with rice and sausage and I like it immensely, although it is a bit too spicy, something I wish I could easily remove, but I can't.  I also had two pieces of our yummy bread with my soup and a piece of chicken with ranch.  All in all a pretty good day.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 33

Happy Birthday Nate!

Today was super yummy.  Jules and I stopped at Mcdonalds (it's like the fourth time this week) and I had a classic crispy chicken with fries and a sprite and it was good. I also had about 10 pieces of those candy orange slices that are almost like jelly beans. 

After that we made dinner, which consisted of a spring green salad, fettuccine Alfredo, steak wrapped with bacon and garlic bread.  It was surely good.  We topped it off with Turtle fudge cake and vanilla ice cream, which was also good.  :P Birthdays are the best!

Day 32

So today in our Oil Painting class we did a critique, which meant we discussed everyone's paintings, but I was unaware that it also included bringing junk food.  This will explain why I devoured two handfuls of chips and salsa, one cupcake, three chocolate m&m cookies, two glasses of Shasta, 5 red starbursts and a bite of some sort of chocolate covered chex mix.  I had a nice sugar high for like five hours. =)

As a Note, Dirk's is the best.

I had a MASSIVE chicken salad there with chinese noodles and vinegarette salad dressing and it was quite yummy.  I could only eat about 1/5 of it and had to bring it home though.  That was my food for today except for a luna bar that I ate cause I was really hungry around 9:00, oh and some fries off of Juliah's plate :P  (she didn't want them)

Day 31

I really didn't eat very much today which is a bit of a relief.  I did find some bread and peanut butter in the cupboard which I devoured in a sandwich quite heartily, followed by a yummy lemon luna bar. I also ended up eating 6 Samoan cookies, and they were yummy.

Day 30

I really didn't each much today, it was a bit of a snack day really.  I had green grapes, a handful of chocolate raisins and a Ranch BLT with crispy chicken and a large sprite  It was shockingly yummy. :P

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 29

Bread, Lots Of Bread.

We really have run out of food at home. This realization hit home when I went to have breakfast this morning and the only milk I could find was evaporated.  I actually used it with my raisin bran and it wasn't as bad as you would think.

After the evaporated raisin bran, I waited til I got to work to eat, wherein I made fried chicken, but it really wasn't that good, sadly. :(  I then decided to bring two loaves of focciacia bread home to my starving family. (I felt like the father from Scrooge who tells his starving family he found some potatoes)  Nate and Jules gathered around asking for handfuls.  I almost expected an Oliver Twist accent to emerge from Nathan "Please sir, I want some more", luckily that bread is super filling (it's the high glucose flour, makes it expand in your stomach I like to believe) so we didn't have any complaints, just full tummies, and then slightly aching bellys due to the yummy bread overdose (who knew we shouldn't devour 1 1/2 loaves in three hours :P). That was the extent of my food tally today.

Day 28

Pizza pockets - the most delicious things in the world - and super unhealthy.  Yes, Fred's is a distributor of unhealthiness, how sad is that? But yes, I had a pizza pocket and (don't kill me) a chocolate sundae (I realized that I was premenstral when I found myself ordering this and almost tearing up with joy as I ate it.  I'm pretty sure I have issues. :P  Nothing lets you realize how crazy you get while on your period, until you find yourself devouring a pizza pocket that is burning hot right out of the grill, followed by a shake with brownie chunks and chocolate syrup that you can't help but moan over while eating it.  I love chocolate!  I need chocolate :P

Day 27

So, today I really didn't eat much, except at work.  I had two bowls of taco soup, it was very yummy, and about three pieces of bread, also very good.  I have discovered that I really love soup.  There's something about creamy, yummy, gooey goodness that is warm and filling (and also healthy) that makes me happy.  When sad - instead of hot chocolate - eat soup :p

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 26

Today I was much better than usual. Of course I did forget to eat until about three thirty when I stopped to grab a bite to eat before picking up Jules and instead of getting coffee like I had originally planned, I grabbed a Green Machine NAKED shake (superfood healthy) and a spinach wrap.  Everything was nicely green (my current favorite) color so it was a very good meal.

You also will be SUPER proud of me - this afternoon around noon I realized I was super hungry, and Nate was talking to me and he said he was hungry too.  Immediately I said "I'll order pizza" but then I remember I had to blog about it and how horribly unhealthy that would be, but Nate had jumped right on that and was already pulling out cash and the phone, so instead I told him we would each have a super healthy-no sugar power bar, aka Luna bar. I didn't tell him I actually think they are specified for women, because it was definitely better than pizza, and that one little bar hit the spot and calmed my hunger urges.  The kind I had - nuts over chocolate and it was DEE-licious :P (that's extra good)

Day 25

Another one of my problems - I can't pass up a social meal.  I love sitting and talking to people and that usually involves food. After classes I picked up Jules and ended up at the Bowling alley with my best friend (Le le) and her sister (who just announced her engagement) and we had a three hour meal of girl talk.  It was truly joyous and consisted of a malibu chicken sandwich and fries and was very yummy.  I also had two bites of Jule's hotdog after she claimed it was barbecue (it wasn't) but it was the best hot dog I've ever had.  I have no idea what shocking things they stuffed in that delicious piece of mechanical crap but it was mouthwatering.  I'm glad that I had already eaten or I may have been tempted to order  a couple more (for her of course). Anyway, I almost feel like I've discovered more good food since I started attempting to diet.  Is that just how things work? Who knew there was super good food in Ephraim? Maybe I should start a college food channel. =)

Day 24

I really didn't eat very much today.  I think that might actually be my problem.  I'm very definitely a bit of a one or two meal kind of person.  I think it might be better if I was a bit more organized about this.  Anyway, my one meal took place around 4:30 at Dirk's and it was really very good.  I had tomato pesto with ravioli, fried mushrooms and mozzarella sticks.  Unfortunately, for dessert Jules wanted to try a massive but delicious looking piece of cake and it looked healthier if not larger than most, so I gave  in and ended up eating about half of it which probably ended up being about two of your average cake pieces (yes, the cake there is MASSIVE).  It looked something like this:

Damn it was good :S

Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 23


As you can tell, we've been pretty busy.  I decided to help me get really motivated I needed a real change - so these are the different pictures from our crazy makeover party (girls get all the fun :P).

The first is all the crazy products we bought - fake nails (fingers and toes) hair dye, new razors, mint and lemon face peel an electric toothbrush, whitening and floss. It was Jule's first mask and I think by the picture she was enjoying it (My picture came out a little scary :P)  I also cut Jules and my hair which was quite the adventure, as you can see. I wanted something really different and exciting, which is what I got :P I also was super healthy and had chicken, rice and my favorite cranberry salad, cereal and grapes.  A + today.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 22

Dear Naomi,

I'm a long time reader, first time writer and I just wanted to say that I'm a little worried about you.  Honestly, you have already gone through nearly a quarter of your time and you seem to be going downhill instead of up.  It seems obvious to me that the only thing your blog is accomplishing is your willingless to tell people what you eat in a day.  For instance, the fact that you had another Snickerdoodle cookie today, two cupcakes with lots of frosting, a bread roll of really unhealthy white flour, three deep fried chicken nuggets and a piece of chicken and some rice is a collection of food that most of us would be unwilling to admit, especially if we were claiming to change our lives.  Your "life change" is really unsuccessful up to this point, and honestly rather unhelpful.  We were looking forward to some tough experiences, crying over the pain, but pushing through it and some real noticeable differences, especially after nearly a month, instead you are just listing what you eat.  Where's the real-life change that we were all looking forward to? Honestly, it's about time you show us what your made of instead of falling into the hole of making this a daily chore to fulfill.  Get up there and exercise and really stop eating crap, it's pretty pointless. 


Your Inner-Dialogue

Day 21

This is actually a very pretty piece of prime rib, decorated in ways that we don't usually do at the restaurant.  It actually looks quite a bit more appetizing than the one I open weekly, but then prime rib is prime rib, and it still tastes delicious.

Anyway, so I'm sure you can guess I actually did have about 6 oz of prime rib for dinner last night.  I started the day out pretty well with a nice bowl of total cereal. Unfortunately after that I went to class and found myself devouring three snickerdoodle cookies and a baggie of gummy smilies.  Meh, not the best day for sure. I went to the restaurant and had a fairly busy day that started with a bowl of jambalaya soup and focaccia bread and ranch.  Not really a terrible day or a good day for that matter. :S

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 20

Aw, so we are 1/5 the way through this wonderful experience.  Still haven't lost anyway, but it seems it's probably because I really haven't buckled down properly.  In fact, I'm thinking I should probably go out for a run or jump or something. 

Anyway, food tally started with Creative Writing where I was handed 4 starburts and a chocolate cookie.  Really terrible beginning actually.  I then went home and ate 2 spinach and hamburger salads with cranberries and bleu cheese.  They are actually really good.  Unfortunately I also had two more cupcakes which I made for my Creative Writing class...but there were extras!  I have to stop making cupcakes!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 19

Logan, Utah. Sadly, it didn't look quite like this.  It was rather cold and snowy, but it was still awesome.  So my day started with another double cheeseburger from Mcdonald's with fries and a sprite, yes I know I am going to have to cut out the Mcdonalds very soon.  Anyway, we went up to Logan where I ate five cookies and five small cups of coffee with sugar and cream in them, they were strangely good, but I'm not a coffee drinker I just had to survive the trip home.  Happily, the coffee let me drive all three hours back and I could feel it running through my veins even after I woke up, similar to a hang over.  It all worked out though, except for the massive amounts of calories I devoured, that really wasn't so great.  :P

Day 18

I don't know if you have noticed, but occasionally I end up blogging on the next day, due to the fact that I still am planning to eat something that night or something crazy is going on and I don't get to my computer.  This is why, this day (18) was technically my tally for Valentine's day.

It was a pretty average day, I ended up eating a double cheeseburger on my way home from school (unhealthy and delicious) as well as having devoured some Twizzlers and a cookie from school (Creative Writing snack time).

I had to work because Valentine's Day is our biggest day of the year and I ended up feeding around 70 people over a five hour period.  It was pretty crazy, but fun.  I snacked on cut off from the prime rib and I think I had a piece of bread and then came home to a chicken pot pie from the restaurant.  They are pretty yummy.

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day.  They get a little crazy around here but they are also kinda fun, although I think I'm all for not celebrating Valentine's day and just telling the people I love that I love them when I feel it.  Hey I love you guys!  (Happy V-day)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 17

They look so happy and cheerful...who knew they were death in disguise! Yes, we made Valentine cupcakes today.  I am fully ashamed of the realization that may have possibly devoured 7 (yes, SEVEN) of these.  It's a note to myself not to make yummy junk food.

It all started out healthy enough - brunch was pistachios, followed by a chicken wrap - all very healthy.  Unfortunately while I was in the kitchen everyone wanted to make Valentines cupcakes in preparation for Valentines day.  We made them, and then we ate them.  I think I only had three to start off, but having them stare at me with their pink heart shaped eyes was too much over the course of the day.  I tried to erase them memories by having more steak wraps, but the cupcakes were too good.  Their buttercream frosting had soaked into my soul and I couldn't pass their begging cries without eating "just one more".  Yes, sad to say I ate quite a few.  Along with a few handfuls of chex party mix.  Oh dear, whatever am I to do with myself? :(

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 16

I'll admit it's probably one of the worst things I can ever eat, but DAMN it's good.  And yes, that is what I ate yesterday.  I had a Deuce burger, some fries and a hot pocket.  That's all I ate, hoping that eating a small amount of bad stuff would be the same as eating a lot of good things :P