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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 7

Yes, today was definitely the worst day, food-wise that is. Unfortunately I broke down and accepted two oreo cookies from my amazingly awesome Creative Writing Teacher (Katie), weird that we actually call her her first name, meh, whatev.

Anyway, yeah, so I had nachos for brunch and then I had the two oreo cookies.  I decided I should cover my wickedness with something healthy so I made dinner. I had a piece of salmon and corn on the cob. Sadly the vegetables I was steaming looked rather disgusting.  Anyway, after that I found some Andes Candies that Taleah got me for my birthday...and...well, yeah I had one.  Just one though.  After that I had a tuna sandwich with a pickle, it was pretty good.

Instead of exercising as I should have I did dishes, laundry and reorganized all my books. I still avoided studying for that massive biology test I have tomorrow. Ha ha, oh well :P See you all tomorrow.

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