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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 29

Bread, Lots Of Bread.

We really have run out of food at home. This realization hit home when I went to have breakfast this morning and the only milk I could find was evaporated.  I actually used it with my raisin bran and it wasn't as bad as you would think.

After the evaporated raisin bran, I waited til I got to work to eat, wherein I made fried chicken, but it really wasn't that good, sadly. :(  I then decided to bring two loaves of focciacia bread home to my starving family. (I felt like the father from Scrooge who tells his starving family he found some potatoes)  Nate and Jules gathered around asking for handfuls.  I almost expected an Oliver Twist accent to emerge from Nathan "Please sir, I want some more", luckily that bread is super filling (it's the high glucose flour, makes it expand in your stomach I like to believe) so we didn't have any complaints, just full tummies, and then slightly aching bellys due to the yummy bread overdose (who knew we shouldn't devour 1 1/2 loaves in three hours :P). That was the extent of my food tally today.

Day 28

Pizza pockets - the most delicious things in the world - and super unhealthy.  Yes, Fred's is a distributor of unhealthiness, how sad is that? But yes, I had a pizza pocket and (don't kill me) a chocolate sundae (I realized that I was premenstral when I found myself ordering this and almost tearing up with joy as I ate it.  I'm pretty sure I have issues. :P  Nothing lets you realize how crazy you get while on your period, until you find yourself devouring a pizza pocket that is burning hot right out of the grill, followed by a shake with brownie chunks and chocolate syrup that you can't help but moan over while eating it.  I love chocolate!  I need chocolate :P

Day 27

So, today I really didn't eat much, except at work.  I had two bowls of taco soup, it was very yummy, and about three pieces of bread, also very good.  I have discovered that I really love soup.  There's something about creamy, yummy, gooey goodness that is warm and filling (and also healthy) that makes me happy.  When sad - instead of hot chocolate - eat soup :p

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 26

Today I was much better than usual. Of course I did forget to eat until about three thirty when I stopped to grab a bite to eat before picking up Jules and instead of getting coffee like I had originally planned, I grabbed a Green Machine NAKED shake (superfood healthy) and a spinach wrap.  Everything was nicely green (my current favorite) color so it was a very good meal.

You also will be SUPER proud of me - this afternoon around noon I realized I was super hungry, and Nate was talking to me and he said he was hungry too.  Immediately I said "I'll order pizza" but then I remember I had to blog about it and how horribly unhealthy that would be, but Nate had jumped right on that and was already pulling out cash and the phone, so instead I told him we would each have a super healthy-no sugar power bar, aka Luna bar. I didn't tell him I actually think they are specified for women, because it was definitely better than pizza, and that one little bar hit the spot and calmed my hunger urges.  The kind I had - nuts over chocolate and it was DEE-licious :P (that's extra good)

Day 25

Another one of my problems - I can't pass up a social meal.  I love sitting and talking to people and that usually involves food. After classes I picked up Jules and ended up at the Bowling alley with my best friend (Le le) and her sister (who just announced her engagement) and we had a three hour meal of girl talk.  It was truly joyous and consisted of a malibu chicken sandwich and fries and was very yummy.  I also had two bites of Jule's hotdog after she claimed it was barbecue (it wasn't) but it was the best hot dog I've ever had.  I have no idea what shocking things they stuffed in that delicious piece of mechanical crap but it was mouthwatering.  I'm glad that I had already eaten or I may have been tempted to order  a couple more (for her of course). Anyway, I almost feel like I've discovered more good food since I started attempting to diet.  Is that just how things work? Who knew there was super good food in Ephraim? Maybe I should start a college food channel. =)

Day 24

I really didn't eat very much today.  I think that might actually be my problem.  I'm very definitely a bit of a one or two meal kind of person.  I think it might be better if I was a bit more organized about this.  Anyway, my one meal took place around 4:30 at Dirk's and it was really very good.  I had tomato pesto with ravioli, fried mushrooms and mozzarella sticks.  Unfortunately, for dessert Jules wanted to try a massive but delicious looking piece of cake and it looked healthier if not larger than most, so I gave  in and ended up eating about half of it which probably ended up being about two of your average cake pieces (yes, the cake there is MASSIVE).  It looked something like this:

Damn it was good :S

Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 23


As you can tell, we've been pretty busy.  I decided to help me get really motivated I needed a real change - so these are the different pictures from our crazy makeover party (girls get all the fun :P).

The first is all the crazy products we bought - fake nails (fingers and toes) hair dye, new razors, mint and lemon face peel an electric toothbrush, whitening and floss. It was Jule's first mask and I think by the picture she was enjoying it (My picture came out a little scary :P)  I also cut Jules and my hair which was quite the adventure, as you can see. I wanted something really different and exciting, which is what I got :P I also was super healthy and had chicken, rice and my favorite cranberry salad, cereal and grapes.  A + today.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 22

Dear Naomi,

I'm a long time reader, first time writer and I just wanted to say that I'm a little worried about you.  Honestly, you have already gone through nearly a quarter of your time and you seem to be going downhill instead of up.  It seems obvious to me that the only thing your blog is accomplishing is your willingless to tell people what you eat in a day.  For instance, the fact that you had another Snickerdoodle cookie today, two cupcakes with lots of frosting, a bread roll of really unhealthy white flour, three deep fried chicken nuggets and a piece of chicken and some rice is a collection of food that most of us would be unwilling to admit, especially if we were claiming to change our lives.  Your "life change" is really unsuccessful up to this point, and honestly rather unhelpful.  We were looking forward to some tough experiences, crying over the pain, but pushing through it and some real noticeable differences, especially after nearly a month, instead you are just listing what you eat.  Where's the real-life change that we were all looking forward to? Honestly, it's about time you show us what your made of instead of falling into the hole of making this a daily chore to fulfill.  Get up there and exercise and really stop eating crap, it's pretty pointless. 


Your Inner-Dialogue

Day 21

This is actually a very pretty piece of prime rib, decorated in ways that we don't usually do at the restaurant.  It actually looks quite a bit more appetizing than the one I open weekly, but then prime rib is prime rib, and it still tastes delicious.

Anyway, so I'm sure you can guess I actually did have about 6 oz of prime rib for dinner last night.  I started the day out pretty well with a nice bowl of total cereal. Unfortunately after that I went to class and found myself devouring three snickerdoodle cookies and a baggie of gummy smilies.  Meh, not the best day for sure. I went to the restaurant and had a fairly busy day that started with a bowl of jambalaya soup and focaccia bread and ranch.  Not really a terrible day or a good day for that matter. :S

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 20

Aw, so we are 1/5 the way through this wonderful experience.  Still haven't lost anyway, but it seems it's probably because I really haven't buckled down properly.  In fact, I'm thinking I should probably go out for a run or jump or something. 

Anyway, food tally started with Creative Writing where I was handed 4 starburts and a chocolate cookie.  Really terrible beginning actually.  I then went home and ate 2 spinach and hamburger salads with cranberries and bleu cheese.  They are actually really good.  Unfortunately I also had two more cupcakes which I made for my Creative Writing class...but there were extras!  I have to stop making cupcakes!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 19

Logan, Utah. Sadly, it didn't look quite like this.  It was rather cold and snowy, but it was still awesome.  So my day started with another double cheeseburger from Mcdonald's with fries and a sprite, yes I know I am going to have to cut out the Mcdonalds very soon.  Anyway, we went up to Logan where I ate five cookies and five small cups of coffee with sugar and cream in them, they were strangely good, but I'm not a coffee drinker I just had to survive the trip home.  Happily, the coffee let me drive all three hours back and I could feel it running through my veins even after I woke up, similar to a hang over.  It all worked out though, except for the massive amounts of calories I devoured, that really wasn't so great.  :P

Day 18

I don't know if you have noticed, but occasionally I end up blogging on the next day, due to the fact that I still am planning to eat something that night or something crazy is going on and I don't get to my computer.  This is why, this day (18) was technically my tally for Valentine's day.

It was a pretty average day, I ended up eating a double cheeseburger on my way home from school (unhealthy and delicious) as well as having devoured some Twizzlers and a cookie from school (Creative Writing snack time).

I had to work because Valentine's Day is our biggest day of the year and I ended up feeding around 70 people over a five hour period.  It was pretty crazy, but fun.  I snacked on cut off from the prime rib and I think I had a piece of bread and then came home to a chicken pot pie from the restaurant.  They are pretty yummy.

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day.  They get a little crazy around here but they are also kinda fun, although I think I'm all for not celebrating Valentine's day and just telling the people I love that I love them when I feel it.  Hey I love you guys!  (Happy V-day)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 17

They look so happy and cheerful...who knew they were death in disguise! Yes, we made Valentine cupcakes today.  I am fully ashamed of the realization that may have possibly devoured 7 (yes, SEVEN) of these.  It's a note to myself not to make yummy junk food.

It all started out healthy enough - brunch was pistachios, followed by a chicken wrap - all very healthy.  Unfortunately while I was in the kitchen everyone wanted to make Valentines cupcakes in preparation for Valentines day.  We made them, and then we ate them.  I think I only had three to start off, but having them stare at me with their pink heart shaped eyes was too much over the course of the day.  I tried to erase them memories by having more steak wraps, but the cupcakes were too good.  Their buttercream frosting had soaked into my soul and I couldn't pass their begging cries without eating "just one more".  Yes, sad to say I ate quite a few.  Along with a few handfuls of chex party mix.  Oh dear, whatever am I to do with myself? :(

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 16

I'll admit it's probably one of the worst things I can ever eat, but DAMN it's good.  And yes, that is what I ate yesterday.  I had a Deuce burger, some fries and a hot pocket.  That's all I ate, hoping that eating a small amount of bad stuff would be the same as eating a lot of good things :P

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 15

Okay, I'm back down to 158 (yay!) and you will be very happy to know that I actually exercised for 1/2 hour.  Randi inspired me with her comment and I realized I was ignoring the exercise part too much, so, I'm determined to put the exercise part of this experience together.  The last three seasons of Road to Avonlea have arrived giving me nearly 30 hours of exercise time to work in.  Yesterday I ate very healthy with my bowl of total ceral (we had no bananas left :( ) a homemade chicken wrap (very delicious) and then a terrible experience with a Krispy Kreme donut distributed by my wonderful Creative Writing teacher (AHHHH!) followed by two shrimps and two wontons from work. I couldn't decide what else to eat.  I'm excited about exercising (and watching my TV show) yay!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 14

Focaccia Bread is pretty much the best thing in the world.  Too bad I had about three pieces yesterday.  Before that I kept things really healthy - Total cereal with skim milk and a banana for breakfast, a cute little salad for lunch and then by dinner I was STARVING and had a tiny bowl of creamy potato soup and dipped a couple pieces of bread in it.  Oh, and I almost forgot I had 3 chips ahoy cookies distributed by my amazing, yet terrible Creative Writing teacher (she is amazing yet terrible because she always gives out yummy junk food in class and I both love her and hate her for it)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 13

Lovely isn't it?  Yes, this is chicken cordon bleu.  Yes, I did eat some of this, and yes it did actually look like this.  I actually ate some food early today, around 11 am, and it consisted of a sandwich greatly lacking in condiments (turkey and swiss on wheat) and a Naked Superfood.  They are actually surprisingly good for a bunch of green mush.
From there I had a salad and chicken cordon bleu at Ewe's (what a fitting name for this crazy country place we live in).  So, yes, today was a bit healthier.

Day 12

Today my food count was pretty crazy.  I had a banana around 1:00, was starving by the time I got out of class and ended up at Dirk's Farmhouse wherein I ordered a spinach salad (with my beloved cranberries) and a delicious ravioli with tomato pesto.  It looked something like the image above.  Unfortunately, I also went to the movies.

If you haven't seen Tangled, it's well worth going.  Although, the half a bag of popcorn, half box of junior mints and small rootbeer I consumed I would not suggest also partaking of. :P I know you are all looking at me thinking "You are crazy.  You are never going to accomplish this in time" Yes, I also am thinking that.  I just wish that days were like 48 hours long, then the crazy running from school to work to home to do homework to spend some time with my child wouldn't seem so crazy.  Add grabbing food and sleeping into that and it seems like there is no time.  It's okay though, I will get this figured out, really I will.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 11

Sundays are unusual around our house.  Typically we do nothing. It's really a wonderful day.  Its the only day of the week where I either don't work and I don't go to school.  It is also a wonderful day to make breakfast.  Everyone is home and usually everyone gets hungry by 11:00, which is when I made biscuits this morning.  They were yummy ones made from Bisquick with onion, garlic, parsley and cheese.  They only take about ten minutes.  I'll admit I ate far more than I should have (I'm estimating around ten). Not in one fell swoop, mind you, but over the course of the day.  I did have orange juice and strawberries as well which hopefully balanced out anything unhealthy in my white flour extravaganza. I also think I may have eaten a baby carrot.

The rest of the day was mostly snacking off biscuits, although I have to admit that I did eat a caramel earlier this morning (it was before breakfast and I couldn't find any ready food).

The saddest part of the evening ending with about a quarter of a cup of butterscotch chips.  Yes, gasp if you must, I have to in terrible recollection.  I'll try to sum up my terrible betrayal in proper expression:

There I was, spending countless hours working on my gondola scene in Venice, painting away so that my midterm would be ready by Tuesday.  To keep myself doubly occupied I like to watch episodes of Maud Montgomery spin off, Road to Avonlea. If you haven't watched it and you are female you will most likely adore it.  It is about a simple life with simple folk on Prince Edward Island and has become my most recent obsession.

In fact, being female isn't a requirement as Nathan will poke his head in off and on and ask about major characters "What is Hetty up to now?  Why is Felicity so horrible?  Felix is so awesome!"  Things like that...anyway...point being....there I was watching multiple episodes - unfortunately this show captures my emotions rather quickly and two of the main characters who really love each other starting developing their relationship (I don't want to spoil any endings for you all) but next thing I knew I had retrieved the only sugar we have in the house (butterscotch chips) and began devouring them while silently attempting to hold back sobs over their beautiful, though agonizing love triangle (it really is painful, you have to watch it).

Anyway, after eating an entire fourth of a cup I realized I felt absolutely terrible.  I'm most certain my tummy does not approve of butterscotch chips and tragic romance.  Funny thing to note though - I was sucking on a chip and thinking to myself "Man, what does this taste like?" And myself answered as it always does, "Why, butter of course!" and then I responded "Oh goodness butter! Butter, for BUTTERscotch!" The light went on in my head and now I am a more cultured individual.  All this time I strangely never put two and two together but always secretly wondered what made butterscotch chips taste sooooo good.  The next question is - do they really put scotch in them?  (And is that why I can't stop eating them?) Someone please yell at me quick before I finish off this terrible bag!

*Sigh* It's okay, I know things look dark and hopeless at this point, but I really do have a small amount of self control that I will uncover momentarily (as soon as I stop crying over how horrible Valentine's Day is and that my two characters have to go through such hardship to be together) Who knew I was such a baby when I'm dieting!

90 Days to go!

PS I have left an image of my favorite characters for my own sake...

Good luck to you all in your 100 Day endeavors! (Oh and go home and watch episodes of Road to Avonlea if you ever get bored and want something wonderful to relate to!)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 10

So, I feel better and I have recovered from my depression of yesterday.  Yes I am going to exercise and lose weight.  I had a healthy breakfast of total cereal with bananas.  From there I went to work and had a piece of bread dipped in taco soup and then a piece of chicken in between a bread roll.  All in all it was pretty good. Not overly healthy though lol. Bring on the health food!

Day 9

So, my weigh in was today, and after eating fairly healthy all week I was fully expecting to lose some weight.  Unfortunately I didn't.  In fact I gained pounds.  Let's all cry together now :S

For breakfast I had grape-nuts and orange juice.  Quite healthy.  Lunch not so good, I had a handful of gold fish (the crackers, not the sea food) distributed by my very caring but obviously diet unaware creative writing teacher, who also distributed oreo cookies the other day.  After that came home and finished three bites of Jule's remaining hamburger, which she didn't want to eat.  Then I went to work and devoured the Greatest Sandwich on Earth - our turkey panini.  It is alway super good.  Then I had a scoop of mashed potatoes with gravy.  All in all it really wasn't that unhealthy.  The realization is more definite now - I must exercise to lose weight - damn it.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 8

Yep, you guessed it.  Today I had subway food. It all started out around ten am this morning when I wandered over there and ordered some sort of yokeless breakfast thing with cheese, white of the eggs and green peppers. It was pretty good.  Oh, and cut apples.  Also really good.  Nice and healthy.  Lunch/ dinner was a subway sandwich with turkey and black forest and almost all the healthy veggies out there.  Unfortunately, it was probably ruined with that lovely cup of red velvet cupcake cappuccino mixed with french vanilla cappuccino and hot chocolate.  Luckily that helped me survive my eight hours of cramming for this horrible biology test.  Anyway, yeah, crazy day.  Still a bit hyper in fact. :P

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 7

Yes, today was definitely the worst day, food-wise that is. Unfortunately I broke down and accepted two oreo cookies from my amazingly awesome Creative Writing Teacher (Katie), weird that we actually call her her first name, meh, whatev.

Anyway, yeah, so I had nachos for brunch and then I had the two oreo cookies.  I decided I should cover my wickedness with something healthy so I made dinner. I had a piece of salmon and corn on the cob. Sadly the vegetables I was steaming looked rather disgusting.  Anyway, after that I found some Andes Candies that Taleah got me for my birthday...and...well, yeah I had one.  Just one though.  After that I had a tuna sandwich with a pickle, it was pretty good.

Instead of exercising as I should have I did dishes, laundry and reorganized all my books. I still avoided studying for that massive biology test I have tomorrow. Ha ha, oh well :P See you all tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 6

Sometimes I think I have the opposite of anorexia.  You know when they say that anorexic people look in the mirror and no matter how thin they are they always think they need to look thinner. Yeah, I think I have the opposite of that.  I keep looking in the mirror and thinking "you know, it's really not THAT bad".  Maybe it's cause I've seen Shallow Hal too many times :P

Anyway, so food tally today goes something like this: subway club for lunch, it was really quite yummy. I should also note that I was inches, (INCHES!) away from ordering a new raspberry cheesecake cookie (yeah, who knew it's subway's new thing?) but the look of Jillian and Bob starring at me from the Subway advertisments scared me out of it.  Along with knowing I would have to blog about it for millions (ha ha!) of unknown readers who would call me a piggy face and laugh at me in the quiet of their own homes.  That unheard laughter haunted me so much that I had to hold back...moving on. So then I went to work and had a delicious cranberry topped salad. If you don't know how great these are go peak back at Day 1 and just soak in the beauty.  They are super scrumptious. From there I was starving (it was like 6pm) so I cooked myself a Beeeutiful flat iron steak, like the one above.  It was bloody and good - the way a steak should be.  I topped that off with two cooked carrots and that is a recounting of my food adventures today.
The desperate irrational sugar cravings seem to be calming down, now replaced by a general feeling of hunger.  Nate told me I would probably get used to that after the second week :p Jules is no longer sick so I might be able to get household stuff done including...dun dun biggest loser workout, which was so kindly given to me as a birthday present last year, when I was also attempting to lose weight.  I have to admit I think this is working a lot better than last time.  I think it's the haunting laughs I keep hearing in the background...anyway, toodles!