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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 51

Today was especially fun.  You will be proud of me - mostly. :P

Nate and I got up to work out. He made an interesting shake with lots of fruit and some protein and it wasn't so bad. Then we went to the gym and I ran for about twenty minutes, and burned 91 calories.  It felt like more. I also did some weight lifting, and my arms are already sore so I think I did a pretty good job. :P

We decided to go up north to buy our bikes for our trip (which we actually couldn't find ones in our price-range) so we ended up stopping at a sushi place for dinner.  I love sushi, and it is nice and Japanese and healthy for you.  I had six amazing pieces of sushi and some gyoza (japanese pot stickers). They are very delicious.

There are several different types of sushi.  Normal sushi is a rectangle of rice with raw fish placed on top, like these (not the round ones):

There are also rolls with sushi in the center, surrounded by rice and then wrapped in seaweed.  These are particularly delicious. If you are first timer, definitely get a sushi roll.  My particular favorite is the California roll, although we had a Vegas roll last night and it was amazing. 

To top off our eating fest, I broke down and had the most amazing dessert. It was made with hazelnut cream in the center, surrounded by chocolate mousse, covered by a shell of chocolate, drizzled with chocolate, vanilla and raspberry topping.  I very much wanted more.  It looked something like this:

It is called a pyramid noisette. *sigh* It was beyond words delicious.  We got it at Shoga's and the prices weren't bad, so if you ever feel like sushi and the best chocolate ever, you should come try some.  And that is how my day went, I'm pretty sure my chocolate goodness completely ruined my workout :S  (but it was worth it)

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