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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 39

You may or may not have realized after so many deep and intimate food moments shared with me, that I am a coffee slut.  The very word "coffee" brings a sort of nostalgic feeling over me and an immediate rush to find and swallow coffee as quickly as possible.  I know for most people this is called "addiction" but I like to replace it with the word "taste".  I have coffee taste, not addiction, and here is the difference - I only drink coffee when I have to stay up all night to drive or study for a test, or when I am away on a trip.  Those are my rules with drinking coffee, and because of them I am kept on the lower end of the Coffee Lovers Anonymous Scale
1> Ick! (or Absolutely Disgusting)
2 >Not Absolutely Disgusting
3> I'll Try It Again To See If It Gets Better
4 >It's Okay
5> It's Just As Good As The Next Thing
6> Part of Me Wants Coffee
7> Do You Smell Coffee At Completely Random Moments That Have No Coffee In Them?
8>Yawn, It's Been A Half Hour, Isn't It Time For Some Sort of Coffee?
9>Its Been 5 Minutes, Isn't It Time For More Coffee?
10> MUST HAVE COFFEE BEAST IS ON THE LOOSE!(This is a very dangerous stage to deny coffee to)

I like to think of myself at a 6. I would be afraid, but I've been at the 6 for about 6 years now, so I'm not *too* worried I'll turn into a Coffee Beast.  Maybe if I got pregnant or something, which would suck cause you can't have coffee while pregnant, which means I definitely should never get pregnant again because I couldn't go without coffee for 9 wholes months and it would be absolutely miserable (ha ha) j/k I could survive a coffee-less 9 months cause my baby-hungry scale would kick in :

1 - Ick! Not ANOTHER Bloody Mess!
2 - Aw, Da Widdle Ding!  That Is the CUTEST Puppy! Oh, You Have A Kid?
3- Babies Are Okay As Long As I Don't Have To Touch One
4- It's Cute And All, But Why Did it Just Puke On Me?
5 - Babies Are Nice, But I Don't Think I'm Meant To Have One
6 - Aw, I Can't Wait To Have My Own Schnookums!
7- Oh, Look! Doesn't It Have The Cutest Hands? And Feet? And Ears? Oh And What Pretty Eyes! And...!
8-Would You Mind If I Just Ah, Wrap It Up Like This...And Take It Home?
9 - Must Have Baby Now! Are You Single? What Kind Of Genes Do You Have In Your Family?

That's the nice thing about mild addictions, they seem to cover for each other. You start getting addicted to buying things, usually that is followed up with being addicted to nice furniture. You are addicted to the outdoors?  Oh look, less hours at work!  Yay!

Anyway, just in case I didn't make it clear, I had an Iced Coffee with Vanilla at Burgerking for lunch/breakfast. It was a little strange because Le Le and I  had been discussing flirting skills and I realized mine were a little on the unpracticed end of things (aka as rusty, but I couldn't think of that cliche' in time) so I tried them out with the Burgerking guy and he was very responsive (though really gangly teenager looking, so it wasn't particularly a triumph) and suggested I try the Vanilla because it was his favorite and told me to tell him how he liked it and then smiled at me (wide, dorky grin) while I was talking to Le and Paul. It was kinda cute. Poor Burgerking employee.  But the coffee was good.

Paul had to go back to work so Le and I hung out watching a TERRIBLE movie - Girl With The Dragon Tatoo - which Nathan Fillion (AKA Castle) had said was a great book, but had a very disturbing rape scene, forcing us to watch multiple episodes of Scrubs until Paul got back and made us Spinach Pizza with mushrooms.  That's pretty healthy right?  Spinach and mushrooms?  You really can't do better than that :P  Way fun trip though.  Lots of book stores :P

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