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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 38

After feeling super sick the last few days, Le Le and I decided to recover by having our own mini vacation.  We decided to drive up to Logan and stay up there with her uncle Paul (who is truly awesome) and hang out in Logan Utah.  We were contemplating going to San Francisco, but the drive would have taken all of our vacation time.  This was the first trip that just the girls have taken (No Nate or Jules).  I felt a little guilty, but Nate was very happy with Dragon Age II and Jules had school so they were busy without us. 

What are two crazy reader girls to do when they have plenty of time and multiple book stores in between Point A and Point B? Hang out at Barnes and Noble of course!  And eat a Peppermint Mocha and pizza pretzel

. Much to my chagrin, my tummy was not prepared for a Pizza Pretzel, and Le Le had to assist me with finishing it :(

I did find the book I had been looking for for quite some time Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert.  If you love to read, travel and eat (three of my favorite things) you should attempt to find yourself within the confines of her first novel, the New York Bestseller Eat, Pray, Love. I'm pretty sure it was my favorite book of 2010, I laughed cried and changed my life because of it (also three of my favorite things to do, when I'm alone at least). Anyway, her second novel is a follow up to the first and goes into more detail about her second marriage to Felipe, something she was more or less forced to decide to do to help him get back into the US.  It's a really good read so far, and Liz is very entertaining.

After a terrible bit of snow in the dark, without my windshield wiper working, Le Le and I made it to Logan, but her uncle was at a friend's (it was around 7:00) so he directed us to a lovely eating joint called The Bluebird

Wherein I ate about a third of my Monteray Chicken.  On their menu it is described as "boneless chicken breast with shrimp, imitation crab meat, avocado, monterey cheese and hollandaise sauce" and was simply delicious. I couldn't eat most of it, maybe because I had already eaten a super yummy roll with butter they gave me and a couple bites of mashed potatoes and gravy.  They had really great food there.  If you are ever in town definitely stop by, they are also an old fashioned candy shop and have a lot of history connected to them.

After dinner, Paul (Le Le's uncle) directed us to Borders, which was having a closeout sale (what makes all book-nerd females shudder with joyous rapture internally? You're right > book sales). Off to Borders we wandered, and I think we actually walked the aisles for over an hour.  Sadly, I couldn't find any amazing book deals, but I did find Shakespeare In Love and Closer on Dvd. ( I know, you're jealous :P)

Not particularly an eventful food day, but definitely a day to go down in bookstore history :P (not really)

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